Small Town Brewery Unveils ‘Not Your Mom’s’ Flavored Brews

Small Town Brewery, the makers of Not Your Father’s Root Beer, have unveiled a new line of flavored brews: Not Your Mom’s.

This new lineup includes Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie, Not Your Mom’s Strawberry Rhubarb and Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea.

The idea for Not Your Mom’s was driven by consumer demand for fruit and tea flavors, the company says, which currently place within the top three most popular flavors across craft beer, cider and FMBs.


Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie has crisp apple and light cinnamon flavors, the company reports, while Strawberry Rhubarb balances sweet and tart and Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea is made with real brewed tea.

“With their immersive flavors and homemade appeal, Not Your Mom’s fruit- and dessert-inspired brews represent the next generation in flavored craft,” said Gleb Lifshits, CEO, Small Town Brewery, in a press release. “We look forward to consumer response on this unique brand extension; the pre-launch excitement on our social channels has been phenomenal.”


Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie (5.9% ABV), Strawberry Rhubarb (5.5% ABV) and Iced Tea (5.2% ABV) are drinkable straight from a chilled bottle. Or you can serve Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a twist on Apple Pie a la Mode.

Not Your Mom’s will hit shelves at all major U.S. retailers in six-packs of 12-oz. bottles, as well as 24-oz. individual cans of Iced Tea for “grab n’ go” convenience.

Not Your Mom’s six-packs will carry a suggested retail price of $10.99 each. Individual 24 oz. cans of Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea will retail for $2.49 each.


  1. I own a beer distributor. Currently I can get bit your mothers apple pie. However, I want the strawberry rhubarb. Could you please contact INCO in Johnstown Pa and request them to carry the product. Your product is outstanding and it is a shame that I am unable to provide it to my consumers. Please help. Edna Greathouse. I own Lilly Becerage which is a distributor. Please contact me !!! Thank you !!

  2. Were can I find your mom’s Apple pie beer? I live in Indianapolis Indinaa.don’t know where to get. Can you help me please?

  3. Where can I ffine your mom’s Apple pie beer ? I live in Indianapolis,Indiana. And can’t find it anywhere. Please help me

  4. I can’t seem to find any of the flavors of the rhubarb pie the apple pie and the sweet tea I do find the root beer and I do buy it you know when will we be able to get the other flavors again I thought for sure that this summer they would come out again when will the other flavors be available again I thought for sure that when this summer came into they would come back out on but they were a no-show


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