M.S. Walker To Import Grand Mayan Tequila

M.S. Walker announced today its appointment as the U.S. importer for Grand Mayan Tequila.

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Grand Mayan’s portfolio currently offers three premium tequilas: Grand Mayan Silver, Grand Mayan Ultra Aged, and Grand Mayan Single Barrel.

All three are 80 proof.


Grand Mayan Silver (SRP: $69.99 for 750-ml.) is distilled three times, resulting in a light clear tequila with fresh agave aromas and hints of citrus. grand_mayan_silver_btGrand Mayan Ultra Aged ($89.99 for 750ml.) is a blend of tequilas aged three, four and five years in American and French oak casks, with sweet aroma of nuts, blue agave and chocolate. Grand Mayan Single Barrel ($149.99 for 750-ml.) is a limited release sourced from single barrels aged between five and six years.

Grand Mayan is presented in hand-made talavera bottles crafted by Mexican artists out of clay, baked for more than eight hours, individually numbered and painted by hand, the company says.


“We are excited to partner with Grand Mayan and help introduce these very special tequilas to a wider range of consumers as their National Importer,” says Gary Shaw, Executive VP of National Sales at M.S. Walker, in a press release. “We have great respect for the work founder Carlos Monsalve has done to craft these outstanding tequilas.”

For customer inquiries, please contact Brett Allen at ballen@mswalker.com.


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