Svedka Vodka Blue Raspberry

Svedka Vodka has unveiled Blue Raspberry.

Blue Raspberry delivers a sweet berry and tart lemon profile. It will be available nationwide beginning March 2017 (varies by market), in 50-ml. (suggested retail price: $1.99), 375-ml. ($6.99), 750-ml. ($12.99), 1-L. ($16.99) and 1.75-L ($21.99).

“Svedka Blue Raspberry is a sweet and sour flavor combination, offering Millennials a new meta-flavor to match their exhilarating approach to life,” says Diana Pawlik, Svedka’s Vodka’s vice president of marketing, in a press release.

Blue Raspberry “targets the palate thrill seekers who crave extreme flavors, a trend seen across the food and beverage space in sour candies, spicy snacks and electric energy drinks coveted by Generation-Y,” the company says. “With raspberry and blue raspberry being the most sought-after vodka flavors among LDA consumers, Svedka Blue Raspberry answers the Millennial call for all things bold and audacious.”

Blue Raspberry opens with bright raspberry and berry notes that build to an energetic, hard lemon twist, the company reports. Svedka’s two-tone packaging “further communicates the bold flavor blend with vibrant fuchsia raspberry tones transitioning to an electric blue hue.”


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