Bushmills Announces Plan For 29 New Whiskey Warehouses

The Irish whiskey brand Bushmills has announced plans to build 29 new aging warehouses near its County Antrim site.

The distillery recently filed a request for project approval with a local government council. According to the application, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph, new warehouses will be built over the course of more than a decade. The plan calls for $3.5 million in capital investment every year for 10-15 years.

The applications also includes plans for a new “world-class” tourism and visitor centre.


This comes a year after the brand’s owner Jose Cuervo announced a $36 million expansion of the Bushmills distillery. Bushmills already has received approval for this project, which the company says will “effectively double production capacity.”

This comes at a time when Irish Whiskey is booming in the U.S.



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