Johnnie Walker Launches ‘Blenders’ Batch’ Experimental Program

Johnnie Walker announced today the introduction of its new Blenders’ Batch series into the U.S.

The program is intended to highlight the “art of blending” that goes on in Johnnie Walker production.

These labels of these limited-edition, experimental whiskies will also draw attention to the blenders who work for Johnnie Walker, including the brand’s legendary master blender, Dr. Jim Beveridge.

In the U.S., the first blend that will be available is Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Triple Grain American Oak. It’s the result of experiments focusing on the influence of bourbon and rye whiskey flavors on Scotch. This whisky is inspired by the time Beveridge spent working in Kentucky blending bourbon and rye, the company says.

Aged for at least 10 years in American oak, including bourbon casks, Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Triple Grain American Oak is crafted using five whiskies including grain from the now-closed Port Dundas distillery and malt from Mortlach on Speyside. This combination creates a whisky notes of sweet fresh fruit and gentle spice, the company says, adding that this whisky is ideal for craft cocktails.

“Experimentation is the key to innovation and has been at the heart of Johnnie Walker from the very beginning,” says Beveridge. “Our founder John Walker’s first experiments were with flavors inspired by tea s and spices from the new world. Walker’s first blends weren’t bound by the traditional styles of particular whisky producing regions in Scotland, but were experiments in fla vor using casks from all over the country and later the world.”

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Triple Grain American Oak will be available nationwide with suggested retail price of $29.99 per 750-ml.

Additional whiskies as part of the U.S. program will be announced in the near future.


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