Mouton Cadet Changes Style, Packaging

Mouton Cadet will look and taste different this year.

Its producer Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA has gained complete control over its sources of supply, from vineyard practices to vinification, and in turn has changed the style of Mouton Cadet.

The wines are now “rounder, smoother and more succulent,” the company says, and will be revealed in a world exclusive at the ProWein Trade Fair in Düsseldorf from March 19 to 21.


Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s technical and quality team has carried out a number of tests and studies in recent years, canvassing over 2,000 professionals, journalists and wine lovers in several countries. The surveys generated results which have led to a new style for Mouton Cadet.

The changes became possible from the 2015 vintage.


“The new wines in the Mouton Cadet range are the culmination of extremely precise technical cooperation with our partner winegrowers in Bordeaux over the last 12 years,” says Hugues Lechanoine, managing director of Baron Philippe de Rothschild in a press release. “While remaining true to their origins, Mouton Cadet wines are even rounder and more succulent than before, and we are pleased to be able to unveil them at ProWein.”

Working closely with Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s technical team, who are at their side all year round, the partner winegrowers cultivate 1,520 hectares (3,750 acres) of vines in the best terroirs, almost half of them now in the Côtes de Bordeaux.

“The sheer extent of the Bordeaux vineyard means that we can choose the best,” says Pierre Lambert, Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winemaker. “Merlot predominates in Mouton Cadet red, underpinned by the tannic structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the elegance of Cabernet Franc.”

“For Mouton Cadet white, Sémillon and Muscadelle are combined with a significant proportion of Sauvignon, giving more fresh fruit and boxwood aromas and flavors,” he adds. “And while Merlot gives Mouton Cadet rosé its fresh red fruit flavours, a judicious amount of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon adds a pleasant tannic structure. Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc, fresh and elegant, made entirely with a single grape variety, is a highly aromatic dry wine, lively and crisp.”

Reflecting this change, Mouton Cadet wines have been given new packaging.

This includes the label bearing a modernised “Barbacchus,” and the addition of coloured curls which recall bunches of grapes. The capsule is bordeaux red for Mouton Cadet red, gold for Mouton Cadet white, silver for Mouton Cadet rosé and green for Mouton Cadet Sauvignon Blanc.


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