Clos Martin Armagnac

Niche Import Co. has announced the U.S. arrival of Clos Martin Armagnac, launching in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California.

ClosMartinVSOP8YrClos Martin Armagnac ages its liquids in demi-muids or casks, crafted mainly from regional oak. Their eaux-de-vie express the character of local grapes from Gascony and around the Pyrenees Mountains.

Clos Martin VSOP – 8 Year Old: The blend of Baco and Ugni-Blanc varieties makes this Armagnac full bodied with fruit, wood and mineral notes, the company says. It is ideal neat, as an after-dinner drink, or in cocktails such as a twist on the Manhattan. On the nose, it offers a touch of ginger and violet, some delicate oak and a little dried fruit, the company says, while on the palate are fruit before a clean lively finish.


Clos Martin XO – 15 Year Old: For an Extra Old Armagnac (XO), the law requires a minimum aging of 6 years. At Clos Martin, their XO Armagnac is aged in oak barrels for at least 15 years before blending. The blend of Baco and Ugni-Banc varieties give to this Armagnac roundness and mellowness that makes it aa prefect digestif, the company says. Clos Martin XO offers notes of dried plums, light toffee and vanilla on the nose. On the palate, an initial burst of dry oaky tannins followed by a little spice, with a dry spirit finish, the company reports.

The suggested retail prices are $39.99 for VSOP and $46.99 for XO, both per 750-ml. bottle.



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