Stoli Vodka Launches New Website

Stoli Vodka today unveiled the refreshed

The online home for the Stoli Group’s flagship brand features a homepage that refreshes every 24 hours, the company says. Content there focuses on “celebrating everyday moments in sports, entertainment, food and beverage, pop culture, and social media, such as Throwback Thursday and Taco Tuesday.”

Every homepage theme includes a new, corresponding cocktail and a fun fact. The goal is to encourage “banter” on social channels.

Should a visitor click onto a day’s content through a friend’s Facebook post, for example, after its 24 hours on the site, they will see a humorous image informing them that they’ve “missed out” and will be directed to that day’s theme.

The site redesign includes adding whole sections and navigational functionalities with a twist, including a cocktail shaker in the corner of the site that, upon hovering over, shakes; and, once clicked, produces the menu. Cocktails are filtered by brand campaign hashtags like #cocktailing and popular general hashtags like #brunch and #humblebrag.


The most robust sections are “The Story” and “The History.” The former takes visitors through an abbreviated version of the technique behind producing Stoli Vodka and highlights recent creative work, LGBT community initiatives, and product awards and ratings. The History is an interactive, image-driven timeline showcasing 15 milestone moments in the vodka’s lifespan.

Underage consumers who land at Stoli’s digital presence will find a countdown clock, noting how much time is left before they can partake in the fun, the company says.

The new website was built and designed by DigitasLBi.




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