Food Pairings For 5 Craft Beer Styles

Happy National Beer Day! In honor of the holiday, we’re taking a quick look at optimal food pairings for five craft beer styles:

1) IPA

Strong, spicy foods such as curry pair well IPAs, and bold, sweet desserts such as carrot cake or crème brûlée. Try Great Lakes’ Commodore Perry or Founders All Day IPA.

2) Pilsner

Pilsner’s light, refreshing taste work well with items such as grilled chicken, fish and salads, which should not be overpowered with a strong beer. Try Bell’s Lager of the Lakes pilsner or Arrogant Brewing Who You Callin’ Wussie Pilsner.


3) American Pale Lager

The malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness of this beer are a great contrast to Pan-Asian, Mexican and other spicy cuisines. Drink a Deschutes Pacific Wonderland or Sun Up’s The Hoppler.

4) Amber Ale

Dark beers like an amber ale can balance hearty, spicy and smoked foods like chili and BBQ. Try the American Amber Ale from Rogue Brewing Co. or Highland Brewing Company’s Gaelic Ale.


5) Stout

Stout beers complement savory brown sauces and salty foods like oysters or a meat pie. We recommend Rogue Brewing Co. Chocolate Stout or a Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout.

Content courtesy of Growler USA, a craft beverage concept with locations throughout the country. Growler USA supports local and regional craft brewers.


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