Heineken Acquires Remaining Stake In Lagunitas

Heineken announced this week that they have acquired all the remaining shares in Lagunitas Brewing Company.

In 2015 Heineken purchased a 50% stake in the popular American craft brewer.

To “maintain the Lagunitas culture and free spirit,” the brewery will continue to operate as an independent entity within Heineken and will report within the Heineken Americas Region, the company says in a press release.

Tony Magee, founder of Lagunitas, will remain active as Executive Chairman of the company. He will be supported by his current management team. In addition, Magee will take a leading advisory role to Heineken and its executive team on the global and local craft strategy.

“During the 19 months of our partnership we have come to trust and truly believe in each other,” Magee says in a press release. “Through that we have found ourselves aligned on how to bring the vibe of U.S. craft-brewing to beer lovers everywhere.


“Only by fully committing to this relationship can we both respond to the historic opportunity that awaits us in all 24 time zones,” he adds.

The transaction has been completed with immediate effect. Financial terms were not disclosed.


  1. Mr. Magee,

    How could you possibly think that changing a winning recipe would be better for the brand? There are hundreds of thousands of original New Castle Brown Ale who are “fuming” that the original brand was modified. Heineken has ruined everything.

    We were used to a beer that taste great, it was liked by many people and now it is hated by that same amount and even more.

    I understand that IPA’s are intended to address the tasteless palates of the new generation that can’t distinguish a great brew from any other beer as long as it is beer. Very sad indeed.

    I am sure your IPA’s are great, but why in the name of heaven did you and Heineken decide to ruin the most successful beer that New Castle put out? Please carry on with your IPA’s and I wish you all the success possible with your brand and offers. However, we are begging that the original New Castle Brown Ale recipe be brought back and reproduced again.

    Please understand that the beer purist loved and enjoyed the original recipe like no other. Now, people are returning the beer to the liquor store, including me.


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