Sazerac Relaunches Tuaca Liquore

Sazerac has announced the relaunch of Tuaca, (pronounced Tu-wa-kaa) Originale Liquore Italiano.

Sazerac purchased Tuaca in March 2016. The company has been developing the brand to return it to its Italian heritage.

Tuaca is a brandy-based spirit with roots that reportedly can be traced back to the Renaissance period. In the 1930’s, brothers-in-law Gaetano Tuoni and Giorgio Canepa recreated it and named it Tuaca, a combination of their names. In the late 1950s an importer brought Tuaca to the U.S.


Now, in its latest renaissance, Tuaca will again be made with imported Italian brandy and infused with Mediterranean citrus and vanilla spice. Flavors caramel, citrus, dried fig, and honey, with a medium body.

Tuaca is best served as an ice cold shot, the company says, but its versatility also works in a range of mixed drinks from cold to hot, sweet to sour. Tuaca’s signature drink is the Lemon Drop: chilled Tuaca and a lemon wedge.


The packaging and branding have also been renovated to reflect its “approachable Italian style and good taste,” the company says. 

Tuaca is 70 proof. The suggested retail price for a 750-ml. bottle is $19.99. It is available on- and off-premise nationwide in the United States in 50-ml., 100-ml., 200-ml., 375-ml., 750-ml., 1-L and 1.75-L. 


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