MYX Sinner Red Wine

MYX Fusions has announced MYX Sinner, a new red wine.

The latest addition to the Nicki Minaj wine line, MYX Sinner is made from 100% California grapes.

Winemaker Kryss Speegle created the red blend from ruby cabernet, montepulciano, rubired and cabernet sauvignon . The resulting wine displays hints of raspberries and black currents, the company says.


“The semi-sweet flavor profile answers the demand from younger wine consumers for easy-drinking, anytime wines that deliver on style, quality and taste,” the company adds in a press release.

MYX Sinner is 12.7% ABV. Currently it’s available in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, Missouri, Michigan, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky.


The suggested retail price is $10.99-$9.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


  1. Last night for our new years eve toast we choose a bottle of your Myx sinner¹s wine that I don’t know where it came from.
    Maybe guests brought it or I purchased it myself but I don’t know from where. Anyway, my
    husband and I both enjoyed it very much and I wanted to express our appreciation of having the opportunity to enjoy a very lovely tasting wine for New Years. We usually toast with Champagne but we are happy to have enjoyed yours this year. We wish we could purchase more. We are 83/86
    married 66yrs. and enjoy a good wine occasionally. Thank you


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