LIQS Launches WeFunder Campaign for Series A Funding

The pre-made craft cocktail shot brand LIQS has launched a WeFunder campaign to close out their series A funding, with 70% of the round already raised.

After four years on the market, LIQS will give consumers a chance to buy into the company. LIQS has tapped into music festivals, high-profile events and major sporting/music venues throughout the United States to grow as a company.

“We’ve been so encouraged and inspired by the reaction of our consumers, we wanted to allow them an opportunity to not only enjoy our product, but also to feel a sense of ownership in a brand they already love and support.” says co-founder Harley Bauer. “We have grown over 200% in Q1 & Q2 this year alone, so the potential to be a part of an already successful company we think is an exciting one.”


“This isn’t a prototype — LIQS has proven the product-market fit of the concept and brand,” adds founder Michael Glickman. “Potential investors can familiarize themselves with our product in person, read about us online and know the product that they are investing in is viable.”

LIQS launched their WeFunder campaign this week to close out their Series A funding, of which $2m has already been raised of the $2.75m round.




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