Highland Park Full Volume

Highland Park has announced its newest single malt Scotch whisky: Full Volume.

Highland Park Full Volume was made with music lovers in mind. To “showcase the similarities between music and whisky making,” Highland Park worked with music producer and song writer Saul Davies to create a bespoke piece of music especially for Full Volume, the company says.

The whisky was distilled in 1999 and bottled in 2017, aging in 100% ex-Bourbon casks. Highland Park Full Volume is 47.2% ABV. Flavors include vanilla, mango, pineapple, and cedar wood, the company reports, with notes of lemon peel, vanilla pods, and light smoke. The finish is citrus, light smoke, and creamy vanilla.


The inspiration for the packaging comes from old fashioned guitar amps. Dials on the side indicate the different measure of bourbon, peat, vanilla and fruit flavors in the product.

The suggested retail price is $100-$110 per 750-ml. bottle. Highland Park Full Volume will be available nationwide in early November.



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