El Tesoro 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Tequila

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the La Alteña distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, El Tesoro has released one of its most aged tequilas yet – the El Tesoro 80th Anniversary Limited Edition.

Aged eight years in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, and with only eight casks of this liquid in existence, the U.S. was the only market to receive this bottling.

Meant to be enjoyed as a sipping tequila, this commemorative spirit is a balance between the edition’s agave-forward flavor and the oaky, woody notes imparted by the aging process, the company reports.


For this 80th Anniversary Edition, the liquid extracted from the cooked piñas is distilled to 85 proof at a low temperature in copper stills, that were made to Don Felipe’s specifications. El Tesoro is believed to be the only tequila to distill to proof, with no sugar or water added, the company says.

El Tesoro 80th Anniversary Limited Edition has aromas of green olive, wood and smoke notes with a hint of white peppercorn, the company reports. Tastes include agave with light peppercorn and floral notes, balanced with oak, caramelized wood, smoke, before a finish of green olive, wood and light smoke.


The suggested retail price is $199.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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