Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut

Jim Beam has announced Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut: an unfiltered, 100-proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

This limited-time offering was selected by Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation Master Distiller, and is available nationwide. “We skipped the chill filtration process, so the liquid gets from barrel to bottle a little differently,” Noe explains.

Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged five to six years that features a medium body and combines caramel sweetness with charred oak, and light fruit notes, the company reports. It has a dark amber color with aromas of soft charred oak, sweet caramel, vanilla and hints of dried fruit.

After aging, bourbon typically goes through a chill filtration process, which involves forcing the liquid through a dense filter to remove fatty acids formed during distillation. Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut skips this step, which results in a fuller taste and palate feel, the company says. This can also cause the liquid to look cloudier compared to filtered bourbons, especially on the rocks.

Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks and has a suggested retail price of $22.99 for a 750-ml. bottle.



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