Sea Fog American Single Malt 2017

Newport Distilling Company has released another small batch of its Sea Fog American single malt whiskey. This follows the original batch from 2016.

Sea Fog 2017 is a mix of 7- and 8-year old whiskey. It’s inspired by practices of the distillers on the British Isles. “We combine the Scottish method of distilling ‘beer’ from the malt with the American tradition of more aggressive oak aging in the continental climate of Rhode Island,” explains head distiller Brent Ryan.

The whiskey is made using pot stills and beer made from pale and peated malt. The spirit shares many of the qualities found in Scottish single malts. Aging in freshly spent Kentucky bourbon barrels adds the American-barrel profile to Sea Fog. 


This American single malt spirit features peat, smoke, vanilla, caramel and oak. There are less than 150 cases of this whiskey available. Distribution of Sea Fog will be available in MA, RI, NY, NJ, SC, GA and FL. Sea Fog is available in 750-ml. bottles with a suggested retail price of $50 each.

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