2018 BARC Presentations







2018 Session Presentations

Thanks for attending the second annual Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in Denver. Below are copies of the presentations given at this year’s event. For more information about these sessions or the speakers, please contact editor Jeremy Nedelka at jnedelka@epgmediallc.com.


Monday, June 4

Off-Premise Data and Analytics: Beverage Information Group (Marybeth Came)

Off-Premise Data and Analytics: 3×3 Insights (Mike Provance)

Point of Sale Systems: Boston Retail Partners (Scott Langdoc)

Point of Sale Systems: Clover / First Data (Mike & Mike)


Benefits of Training: Rob McCaughey, WSET

Navigating Legal and Regulatory Constraints: Hannah Becker, Gray Robinson

What’s Your Unique Value Proposition: Samantha Scott, Pushing the Envelope

Grow Your Business with Bordeaux Wine: Sponsored by Bordeaux Wine School


Tuesday, June 5

Keynote Presentation (Change and Creating Customers for Life): Sam Dantzler, Garage College

Staff Training Best Practices: Sam Dantzler, Garage College

Wine Tasting (What Not to Pair): Marnie Old, Old Wines

Closing Keynote (If General Patton Ran Your Business): Tom Shay, Profits Plus