M.S. Walker Expands Distribution of Italian Digestif Amaro dell’Etna

M.S. Walker will expand U.S. distribution of Amaro dell’Etna, a Sicilian digestif produced near Mt. Etna in Italy for more than 100 years.

Amaro dell’Etna has its roots on the slopes of Mt. Etna, where grow more than twenty-six native herbs and aromatic plants used to craft this digestif. “The 100% natural recipe embodies the volcanic nature of Sicilian soil” the company says, and still possesses its traditional taste.

Serving as the brand’s national importer, M.S. Walker rolled out Amaro dell’Etna to nearly 20 states before the end of 2017, with approximately 10 more to follow early in 2018. The brand joins M.S. Walker’s growing portfolio of direct wine and spirit imports.


The process to craft Amaro dell’Etna includes the ingredients of organic bitter orange peel, licorice, cinnamon, vanilla, carame and more. The ingredients are washed before the flavors and aromas are extracted via maceration, with the liquid then left to mature for more than two months to draw out the spiced flavor of Amaro dell’Etna.

Amaro dell’Etna’s flavor exhibits bitter citrus and orange peel, as well as bitter sweet rhubarb and licorice. Meant to be served as a digestif or as the base for a cocktail, Amaro dell’Etna is available in 1-L bottles for a suggested retail price of $39.99 each.



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