Campari and Stirred Partner on Mobile App

A new app aims to teach consumers everything about cocktails. It also reflects perhaps the next step in relationships between alcohol producers and app designers.

The Stirred online cocktail platform launches this month. Designed for mobile but accessible on all devices, it helps consumers discover new cocktails that they can make from their at-home bar and kitchen, save favorite recipes and mark others to try later, and learn techniques to create mixed drinks.

If the user’s home bar includes Campari, Cinzano Sweet Vermouth, Bulldog Gin and Wild Turkey Bourbon, Stirred will suggest cocktails such as the Negroni and the Boulevardier, for example.


Stirred is not meant as simply a searchable database of cocktails: the platform keeps track of favorite recipes and home bar ingredients, serves up seasonal suggestions, and offers insider pro tips to the user.

To create the digital concept, Campari America and Stirred, Inc. developed a working relationship in which ideas — not money — were exchanged.


The Stirred team set up shop in Campari America’s offices for nearly a year while building out their cocktail creation platform. This put them just a few steps away from the spirits company’s resources, including cocktail recipes and marketing insights. In return, Campari America’s products will appear in the platform alongside other spirits and will be featured periodically as part of a collection of sponsored marketing campaigns.

“While not a partnership in the traditional or legal sense, Campari America and Stirred, Inc. created a supportive relationship where we each benefited from each other’s experience, focus, and energy,” says Ugo Fiorenzo, managing director, Campari America. “Novel in the spirits industry, our type of arrangement could be a model for other established companies and start-ups in the future. The relationship yields both tangible and intangible results advancing all parties involved.”

“Without the experience, advice, and resources of Campari America, Stirred might not have become a reality,” says Stirred Co-Founder Brian McKillips. “Throughout the course of our relationship we’ve learned important nuances about the spirits industry, while sharing insights about the process of innovation. Campari America’s embracing of the sharing economy model is paving the way for more creative engagements across the spirits ecosystem that find solutions for multiple parties.”


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