Malfy Gin Originale

The Italian brand Malfy Gin has announced the U.S. launch of Malfy Gin Originale, joining the brand’s initial offering, Malfy Gin Con Limone.

This new product introduction coincides with Malfy’s parent company, Biggar & Leith, appointing Infinium Spirits as their new U.S. importer. “We are excited to share the MALFY Gin story with our distributor and retail partners nationwide,” says Steve Brecher, president of Infinium Spirits, “We are committed to taking the necessary steps to drive increased presence in the U.S. markets.”

Malfy Originale is distilled to a recipe that pays homage to Italian Monks who distilled juniper spirits at their monasteries along the Amalfi Coast as far back as 1050, the company says. Further inspiration came from when Carlo Vergnano, owner of Torino Distillati, and Beppe Ronco, master distiller, hiked the nearby Monte Viso and “were struck by the quality of the wild juniper and the crisp spring water filtered through rock from the snow-capped peak of MonViso,” the company says.


Malfy Gin Originale will be distributed nationally at a suggested retail price of of $29.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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