Vitani Mule Premade Cocktail

Vitani Spirits has announced its newest pre-mixed cocktail: the Vitani Mule.

The Vitani Mule is made with vodka, natural ginger and lime, and is 12% ABV.

Currently this canned cocktail comes in 200-ml. single-serve aluminum bottles, with a multi-serving 750-ml. option available this spring.


The suggested retail price is $4.99 per 200-ml. bottle.

Launched in 2015, Vitani offers cocktails in a portable aluminum bottle that are ready to drink anywhere. Vitani’s bottles are re-sealable, and chill five times faster than glass and stay cold longer, the company claims. Vitani pre-mixed cocktails can be found in more than 250 retail locations throughout Illinois, Arizona and Colorado.



  1. Where in Kansas City regional area can I purchase VITANI?
    Bought the Cosmos, Mule and Elderberry while in Illinois. It’s the BEST thing since sliced bread!
    NEED to be able to buy it here please.


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