Bruery Terreux Saison Ardennes Oak-Aged Farmhouse Ale

Bruery Terreux, a craft beer brand from The Bruery in Orange County, CA, has released a new farmhouse ale: Saison Ardennes.

Saison Ardennes is an oak foeder-aged, Belgian-style farmhouse beer. It’s a tart saison with a crisp malt profile, floral and spice notes, and lively carbonation, according to its brewer. A six-month fermentation and maturation in 103BBL-large oak foeders enhances the sour beer’s depth and character, its producer reports.

A premium sour craft beer, Saison Ardennes is made to evolve over time, and can be cellared, thanks to the presence of wild yeast added for bottle conditioning.


This beer will be available in 375-ml. bottles, for a suggested retail price of $5.99, and ontap in nearly 30 states throughout the country, starting this month. Bottles are also available on (shipping within CA only) and will soon be on the shelves at The Bruery Store at Union Market in Washington, D.C.

Saison Ardennes pairs well with Belgian and French cuisine, especially a fresh baguette, a tiny wheel of Oma cheese, some olive oil and herbes de Provence.



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