Baltimore Whiskey Co. Epoch Rye

Baltimore Whiskey Company announced the release of their first line of whiskey, Epoch Rye, the first rye whiskey distilled in Baltimore in nearly three quarters of a century.

Epoch Rye will officially release March 17th, and will soon be available in stores and establishments in Baltimore and throughout the mid-Atlantic region, as well as directly from Baltimore Whiskey Company.

Distillation of Epoch Rye began in 2015 when the company was founded. The whiskey aged in American oak barrels.


The 100-proof spirit is made from a ratio of 70 percent rye grain to 30 percent rye malt, and is defined by a balance of classic rye whiskey notes (clove, cinnamon, vanilla and honey) and tropical fruit imparted by its high-rye malt content, the company says.

The suggested retail price is $33 per 750-ml. bottle.


Baltimore Whiskey Company has already produced other spirits, such as their Shot Tower Gin and the new Baltamaro line of amari liqueurs, but this will be their first whiskey product.

Baltimore Whiskey Company says it is preparing for “significant growth” when they move operations from their current facility on Sisson street in Remington to the new Union Collective in Medfield/Hampden, scheduled to open in the spring. Baltimore Whiskey Company will be one of several Baltimore companies joining the collective, and have big plans for their new space, the company says, including a one-of-a-kind geothermal cooling system.



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