Blood Oath Pact No. 4

The fourth installment of the Blood Oath bourbon series – Pact No. 4 – launches this month.

Blood Oath is a blend of three bourbons to create a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Pact No. 4 combines a 12-year bourbon that provides a mellow finish with deep oak undertones, and a rich 10-year bourbon that adds caramel and honey flavors, the company says. The third bourbon, a nine year old, rounds out the flavors as it is finished in toasted bourbon barrels – adding deep chocolate, vanilla and spice flavors.

This year’s release will again be sold in a commemorative stained wooden box, reminiscent of the toasted barrels used during the finishing process. Like its predecessors, the bottle is topped with a custom, natural cork, sealed and labeled with certificate-style paper stock signed by John Rempe, creator of Blood Oath and head distiller and master blender at Lux Row Distillers. Rempe is the same man behind the Rebel Yell brand, which recently shipped its 2018 allocations of its Single Barrel wheated bourbon.


All Blood Oaths are bottled at 98.6 proof — the temperature of blood.

Pact No. 4 is available nationally in 750-ml. bottles for a suggested retail price of $99.99 each.


Pact No. 4 is limited release, with only 12,000 cases (3-packs) created; this bourbon will never be made again. The Blood Oath series launched in 2015 with Pact No. 1, and will highlight a different variant, or Pact, each year.


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