Marie Brizard New Liqueur Flavors

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The French alcohol company Marie Brizard has launched a new line of flavored liqueurs in the U.S., all made with 100% natural ingredients.

Marie Brizard Yuzu is clear, 20% ABV, and contains natural essential oils. Aromas include citrus fruit notes of grapefruit, mandarin, citron, lime and spices, the company says, while the flavors are sweet, enhanced by a note of bitterness, with a few flowery notes.


Marie Brizard Pink Grapefruit is 15% ABV and made with natural grapefruit flavor. Aromas include citrus zest notes, the company says, while the flavors are fruity and acidulous, which gradually disappear with lingering notes characteristic of pink grapefruit.

Marie Brizard Jolie Cherry is 24% ABV and 17% cherry juice, made with whole, non-crushed Burgundy cherries for a slightly, almondy note of cherry flesh, the company says. It’s blended with Cognac Gautier for a wooden note that helps round out the liqueur. Aromas are fresh and juicy cherry notes, the company says, while flavors include a sweet, kernelly note with a touch of cherry stone, and characteristic of cherry flesh, with notes of cognac.


Marie Brizard Elderflower, 20% ABV, is made with an elderflower extract of 10.5%. Aromas are floral with characteristics of elderflower, the company says, while the flavors include sap, slightly acidic.

The suggested retail price for all flavors is $19.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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