Café Rumba Rum Coffee Cream Liqueur

Beach House Beverages, an Indiana-based business, has announced the launch of Café Rumba.

This new product is an all-natural blend of Kona Coffee from Hawaii, sweet cream from Wisconsin, and five-times distilled Caribbean rum.

The rise of the premium coffee culture together with the popularity of new cream liqueurs that have hit the market in the past decade have paved the way for Café Rumba’s launch, the company says.


Café Rumba will launch in April, 2018. The suggested retail price for a 750-ml. bottle is $19.99.



  1. I have been staying away from fattening alcohol.. not sure how long this has been in the fridge but I was wanting a lil som’n and I read that the opened shelf life is about a yr. I hope it hasn’t been over a yr! LOL I’m sipping on it… SO YUMMY! God Bless!!


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