New The Glenlivet Challenges Consumers to Guess its Flavors

Just how good is your whisky palate? 

The Glenlivet Code, the newest Scotch release from The Glenlivet, challenges whisky consumers to “Unlock the Taste”  and guess the flavors of the mystery single malt within. The Glenlivet Code comes without cask information or tasting notes.

To begin the challenge, whisky fans use the Shazam app to scan a unique code on the back of The Glenlivet Code bottle package. This will introduce participants to a hologram of The Glenlivet’s Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, to begin their immersive experience to decode the taste of the liquid.


After sharing their takes on the flavors of the new whisky, participants receive a score that they can post on social media to see how they rank against their peers.

While The Glenlivet Code exhibits the brand’s traditional fruity tasting notes, the mystery whisky also aged in “specially selected casks to produce a new, never-before-created single malt scotch whisky,” the company says. Which should be quite the curveball for consumers trying to pinpoint the whisky’s exact characteristics.  


Official tasting notes for The Glenlivet Code will come out at the end of the year to give consumers the time to discover and enjoy the liquid themselves.

The Glenlivet Code will be available at U.S. retailers from the end of April 2018 at a suggested retail price of $120 per 750-ml. bottle. Consumers can log onto to find out more about the digital experience and share their experience on social media using #TheGlenlivetCode.


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