Bacardi Issue Causes Sweden’s Box Distillery to Change Name

The Swedish-based Box Distillery will switch its name to High Coast Distillery.

The change comes from the board of directors of Box Destilleri AB following the discovery in 2017 of a brand collision. The Bacardi-owned whisky company Compass Box drew attention to the confusion that could arise among whisky consumers due to the similar names the companies have. Compass Box has long been established in a number of international markets where a risk of conflict exists.

Following legal consultations and market analyses, Compass Box agreed that it would be inopportune for two whisky companies to operate under the name of Box.


“We also feel that Box Destilleri AB has slim chances in a brand-name dispute with a multinational company such as Bacardi,” the company says in a press release. “In order to avoid any possible brand-name conflict and to continue opening new markets, we intend to change the name of our production facility to High Coast Distillery and register the brand name High Coast Whisky.”

“The name change links our brand and distillery yet more closely with the High Coast region and the fabulous place we live and work in,” adds Thomas Larsson, Box Distillery CEO. “We see great market opportunities now that we’re more strongly tied to Höga Kasten and the unique values the place enjoys.”


The first High Coast bottles will be launched on the national and international markets as early as this autumn. The name change will take place on 30 June in conjunction with the Box Whisky Festival.


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