Sangria Lolea Rosé N5

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Sangria Lolea, a brand of Bodega & Company, has expanded their line of Spanish sangrias with Lolea Rosé N5.

This wine cocktail is made from a tempranillo and garnacha blend, with all natural ingredients.

Floral notes include hibiscus flower, followed by fruit flavors and the warmth of ginger on the palate, the company says, with an effervescent finish.


Sangria Lolea Rosé N5 is 8% ABV, and available nationwide. The suggested retail price is $15.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Lolea Rosé N5 can be served chilled or as a base for cocktails.


Bodega & Company is a subsidiary in the U.S. of Zamora Company, a Spanish family-owned company which produces and sells wines and spirits.


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