Calumet Farm 12-Year-Old Single Rack Black Bourbon

Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey has released a 12-year-old Single Rack Black Bourbon.

Bottled at 94 proof, Calumet Farm 12-year-old Single Rack Black Bourbon will hit shelves at a suggested retail price of $69.99 per 750-ml. bottle, and will be available nationwide throughout 2018.

Bottled from a small batch of 19 barrels, Calumet Single Rack Black Bourbon 12-year-old selects the center cut racks from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house, the company says. 


Calumet Farm Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey also offers a 10-year-old Single Rack Black bottled at 92 proof and a Small Batch Bourbon bottled at 86 proof. 



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