The Macallan Unveils New Packaging, Redefines Core Portfolio

The Macallan has unveiled a new look across its Scotch whisky portfolio.

The redesign comes as the global brand opens a new, larger distillery in Speyside, Scotland that will expand production.

The revamped bottle design draws inspiration from its luxury expression The Macallan Rare Cask, the company says, as well as modern design cues reflected in the new distillery, and also consumer feedback about making the whisky ranges easier to navigate.


The new look also coincides with redefining the core portfolio into three ranges that reflect the types of cask used to mature The Macallan — Sherry Oak Cask, Double Cask and Triple Cask Matured.

The new product design includes:

  • A proprietary broad-shouldered bottle with a chevron cut that tapers toward the neck
  • A clear color-coding system and icons to identify different ranges based on cask makeup
  • “Amplified collectability” on the core premium ages by enhancing the wooden boxes for all expressions 25 Years or older by using real oak, reflecting The Macallan’s oak casks
  • Expressions 18 Years or older feature new, elevated packaging and a heavier glass weight bottle with wider shoulders and larger base
  • An anti-refill enclosure and anti-counterfeit technology to ensure that consumers are protected at the point of purchase
The redesign enhances the wooden boxes for all expressions 25 Years or older by using real oak.

“With this bold new design, we are highlighting the extraordinary whisky inside the bottle as we show off its unmistakable characteristics, like all-natural color, which we at The Macallan and every whisky enthusiast worldwide really value,” say Sam Leotta, senior brand manager at The Macallan. “While the whisky remains unchanged, the new bottle can be displayed anywhere from a world-class bar to a bar cart at home, making the same lasting impression. ”

The new bottles will be available across the U.S. beginning this month.

Core Portfolio Redefined

The core portfolio will now break down into three distinct ranges, clearly identified to consumers by cask types’ signifiers on each bottle:

  • Sherry Oak Range: A range of single malt whiskies matured in Sherry-seasoned oak casks from Jerez, Spain. “The European oak reveals an intensely rich character and style of whisky with complex flavors of dried fruits and sweet spices,” the company says
  • Double Cask Range: Maturation in Sherry-seasoned American and Sherry-seasoned European oak casks delivers a range combining the Macallan style with the predominance of American oak. “The result is an approachable yet complex style of the Macallan, rich in flavor, with a viscous mouth feel,” the company says
  • Triple Cask Matured Range: Matured in Sherry-seasoned European, Sherry-seasoned American oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak casks. “Offers an extraordinarily smooth, delicate yet complex character,” the company says

As part of this, the Fine Oak range – launched in 2004 – will be renamed Triple Cask Matured. Fine Oak has always matured in three different cask types, so renaming it Triple Cask Matured puts it in line with Sherry Oak (one cask type) and Double Cask (two cask types), making it easier to navigate.

“We want to make it easy for our consumers to select a whisky that’s right for them and for the many whisky moments they are experiencing,” says Leotta. “By consolidating our core ranges to Sherry Oak, Double Cask and Triple Cask Matured, we’re able to highlight the unique and rich diversity of whisky styles coming out of our distillery and also encourage new and existing fans to try The Macallan across a variety of flavor profiles suitable for many different occasions.”


  1. Had the same issue. The way I opened it was two-fold. First using a sharp knife cut the seal. Next get a jar opener gripper and twist with steady pressure as it is sealed at six locations.

  2. No need to cut the seal. Grab the cork/handle and twist like you’re taking the cork off normally. The seal wrapper breaks along the horizontal score.

    The annoying thing is there’s a black plastic collar at the top of the neck, and a gold plastic band that extends about 2″ down the neck. I want all that crap off. With some trouble I got the gold plastic overwrap off. Be careful; a knife won’t easily cut it. So now all there is left at the top is that damned black plastic collar. I might take a Dremel abrasive wheel and cut it most of the way through, and then try to break if off with a screwdriver.

    I don’t want that plastic collar up at the pouring lip. Big P.I.T.A. if you ask me.

  3. Was gifted with a Double Cask 12 several months ago, saved opening it for Xmas eve, last night. I had the same WTF experience, wound up using snips and pliers, getting a thumb cut in the process. Truly excellent whiskey inside, I’ve always enjoyed Macallan, this was my first bottle. Maybe the last though. The plastic collar is ridiculous. Opening a bottle of single malt should be a delight, not an expletive-filled trauma. After it was open, I really needed a drink.

  4. Macallan needs to change this design so people can remove this thing that makes pouring it without wasting some impossible.
    I bought my first bottle and had the pleasure of cutting myself trying to get this piece of crap plastic off of the bottle. The scotch is very good but I won’t buy it again because of this problem.

  5. I will not be buying another bottle of macallan that has this child-proof-safety-cap-from-hell on it.

    I shouldn’t have to research how to open a bottle and I *definitely* shouldn’t have a cut on my hand and a broken pair of scissors and a bottle with this ridiculous black plastic collar on it.


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