Summer Ale Salt Water Taffy

The newest food/booze crossover is Summer Ale Salt Water Taffy.

This candy is a collaboration between Sam Adams and the NYC-based craft taffy maker Salty Road. “Why not combine two summer classics (beer and salt water taffys) and get the best of both worlds?!” the companies say in a press release.

The limited-edition taffy is infused with and inspired by Samuel Adams summer brew, Summer Ale: a wheat ale with citrus notes that Sam releases during the summer months. The taffy is flavored with Samuel Adams’ Summer Ale, lemon extract and Salty Road’s signature sea salt crunch.

Summer Ale Salt Water Taffy is available for purchase in boxes of eight pieces at The suggested retail price is $7 for a “baby box” of eight pieces.

Ingredients include corn syrup, sugar, invert sugar, Samuel Adams Summer Ale, RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, sea salt, natural flavors, monoglycerides. The candies may contain peanuts, soy, tree nuts, wheat and milk.


There is no gluten in any of the ingredients but the taffy maker does not keep a gluten free kitchen, according to its website.


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