Bloody Point Mixing Co.

Bloody Point Mixing Co. — a craft Bloody Mary RTD producer — has announced three new products: Original, The Coastal Mary, and The Remedy.

Original is an all-natural, gluten-free mix created as both a premium Bloody Mary and as well as a marinade. Flavors such as rosemary, fennel and a few other ingredients contributes to this recipe, the company says.

The Coastal Mary is their version of a Bloody Caesar with the exception being thicker and “carrying a much deeper flavor profile,” the company says. Not only for the Bloody Mary connoisseur, it was also developed to pair up with gin and seafood, with a combination of clam juice and seasonings.


The Remedy is the same recipe as The Original except for the addition of caffeine and Vitamin B12.  The B12 interacts with the tomato juice by yielding a softer finish and allows the horseradish to prevail, the company says, making for an ideal cocktail for mornings due to the smooth and clean taste.

The suggested retail price for each is $9.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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