The Macallan Unveils M Black 2017 Release

The Macallan M Black 2017 Release is the latest in the M series of single malt whiskies. In partnership with creative director Fabien Baron and crystal masters Lalique, The Macallan M Black comes encased in a handcrafted crystal decanter.

Limited to 725 bottles worldwide, with only 40 decanters allocated to the U.S., each is engraved with its own individual number to drive collectibility. The Macallan M Black will be released worldwide from June 2018 onwards, at an estimated retail price of $6,995 per 750-ml. bottle.

An evolution of the M Decanter, this new step into black crystal from Lalique was crafted to reflect the history of The Macallan single malt and presents a complement to an uncharacteristically smoky Macallan, the company says. 


This first release of M Black has an ABV of 45%. Drawn from sherry-seasoned oak casks, a proportion of which contained peated malt, it delivers a profile of dark fruit, chocolate and espresso, the company says, which open into wood spice and an edge of peat. On the nose, there is rich cherry chocolate sweetness and fresh citrus notes with dried fruit, before salted caramel moves into notes of peat smoke. The smokiness increases on the palate but serves to complement the flavors of green apples, citrus and dried fruit, the company says.

M Black was crafted from six sherry-seasoned casks, three butts and three hogsheads — the use of smaller 250-L hogsheads serves to intensify the flavor profile.


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