Sebago Lake Distillery Craft Rums

Sebago Lake Distillery has announced the official opening of their Maine-based distillery and the launch of three craft rum brands, with another set to debut later this year.

Sebago Lake is Maine’s only distiller focused exclusively on producing rum, the company says.

The current lineup includes:

  • Original Rum — an extra-dry rum made from molasses blended with five aromatics
  • KOPI Coffee Flavored Rum — a blend of molasses-based sipping rums and custom-roasted Sumatra coffee
  • Spider Island Rum — a dark amber, molasses-based rum blended with aromatics. Spider Island’s color is attained through a Belgian-inspired molasses caramelization process

“The craft industry is trending upward and consumers are gravitating to locally-made, handcrafted products that emphasize quality ingredients and taste appeal,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Dave Tomer. “Both Original and KOPI are showing healthy growth trends in Maine, exceeding the sales volume of many of the more established Maine Craft Rum producers. In addition to a fourth, barrel-aged rum set to launch later this year, we have aggressive plans to bring our rums to neighboring New England States including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.”

“We don’t cut corners. All of our rums are 100% pot distilled in small batches using only the finest, all natural ingredients and each step of the process – mashing, fermenting and distilling – is executed from scratch right here at the distillery,” adds Co-Founder and Head Distiller, Dan Davis. “There are no fancy column stills or electronic controls – every valve is turned by hand and every batch is tasted and refined to perfection to create superior quality rums perfect for sipping lakeside or celebrating with friends when the moment is right. We’re making rum that is approachable for those who don’t generally drink their spirits neat but complex and interesting enough for experienced whiskey drinkers.”



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