Ron del Barrilito Five Stars

Limited Edition: Ron del Barrilito Five Star (PRNewsfoto/Ron del Barrilito)

Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc., founded in the 1797 Hacienda Santa Ana, has announced the worldwide launch of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars, a luxury Puerto Rican rum.

This is the first collectible edition of rum presented by Ron del Barrilito in more than 138 years.

Approximately 2,500 bottles will ship from this first-edition, which consists of a blend of aged rums in “Oloroso” white oak casks for up to 35 years.

The first 200 bottles of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars will come in a wooden chest, handcrafted by Puerto Rican artisan Gil Rodríguez. Inside the chest is a numbered bottle, maintaining elements of the original label of Ron del Barrilito, the oldest rum in Puerto Rico, the company says.

“Ron del Barrilito is much more than a fine aged rum; this product is recognized and praised by rum and cognac connoisseurs worldwide as a true Puerto Rican treasure,” says Master Blender, M. Luis Planas. “Ron del Barrilito Five Stars was conceived for the rum connoisseur, who collects high-quality spirits and savors their careful craftsmanship.”


This limited edition of 2,500 bottles will go on sale beginning in August 2018. The suggested retail price is $750 per 750-ml. bottle.



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