Santa Julia Organica Wines Updates Packaging

Winesellers Ltd., the global importer and marketer of fine wines, has announced a newly designed label for Santa Julia Organica wines.

The new look reflects the brand’s mission of organic farming.

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in demand for quality, organic wines that are attainable for the everyday drinker,” says Adam Sager, vice president of Winesellers Ltd. “We see a great opportunity for Santa Julia Organica to be highly requested, both in stores and in restaurants, especially as diners continually inquire about the sustainability of their culinary and wine choices.”


The new label emphasizes the respect the winery has for the environment as a way of improving the quality of life, targeting consumers who value organic missions and conservationist efforts of winemakers.

The updated stamp explains that the wines are “made with organic grapes,” and is now embossed for accentuation.


A larger floral emblem is on the label, reflecting the 1,100 acres of flora and fauna native to Santa Julia vineyards along with 70 acres of woodland and parks.

Retailing from $11 per bottle, Santa Julia Organica is available now with its new packaging.


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