Rums of Puerto Rico Begins U.S. Promotion Tour

The trade organization Rums of Puerto Rico will tour the U.S. this September through December to showcase the island’s rums.

Produced in partnership with The Rum Lab, the tour will hit seven cities, giving attendees a glimpse of the 10th annual Puerto Rico national rum festival “Taste of Rum.” 

The tour offers rum-lovers and newcomers a chance to taste a wide variety of Puerto Rican rums, including Bacardi, Don Q, Caliche, Ron del Barrilito and more. Rums of Puerto Rico Brand Ambassador Ramon Diaz will lead an aged-rums tasting seminar in each city. 


The Pop-Up US Rum Tour events will take place on the following dates, venues and cities:

  • Sept 7th – Pagan Idol – San Francisco, CA
  • Sept 28th – Maman & Mimi – New York City, NY
  • Oct 11th – Ronero – Chicago, IL
  • Nov 9th – Cafe Citron – Washington, DC
  • Nov 16th – Trader Vic’s – Atlanta, GA
  • Dec 6th – The Townsend – Austin, TX
  • Dec 8th – The Ruins – Dallas, TX

The goal of the Pop-Up US Rum Tour is to promote the rum brands produced in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico’s official rum festival “Taste of Rum” that will take place in March 2019, and the island as a destination. Rum production and tourism are fundamental revenues for the island.


In Puerto Rico all rums must adhere to standards by law. They must age at least 1 year, while gold rums must be aged at least two years, and premium rums no less than 6 years. Additional quality standards include the requirement of using only top-quality molasses, aging in white oak barrels and the production of rum by a continuous distillation process (not a still). 


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