Limestone Branch Launches Yellowstone Limited Edition 2018

Limestone Branch Distillery has introduced the 2018 variety of Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the third and final barrel-finishing experiment by Limestone Branch Distillery. It’s set to hit the market in October.

This year’s expression combines Kentucky Straight bourbons ranging from four to 12 years old, finished in No. 3 char wine casks. Same as with the 2017 edition, this year’s bottling also includes Limestone Branch Distillery’s own distillate, made with their heirloom white corn.

Bottled at 101 proof and available in 750-ml. bottles signed by Limestone Branch President and Distiller Steve Beam, the 2018 Yellowstone Limited Edition retails for $99.99. Approximately 12,000 bottles will be available.


“In 2016, we finished our Limited Edition bourbon in specially selected new wine barrels, which lent their special flavor to that year’s celebrated bourbon,” says Beam. “Later that year, after the bourbon was dumped and bottled, the same 28 barrels were lightly charred and we filled them with our 2017 Limited Edition bourbon. This year, we took the very same barrels – now rich with complexity – and deeply charred them before filling them with our 2018 Limited Edition.”

Beam says that the heavy char over bourbon-wet oak produced a palate of burnt sugar, deep caramel and a note of crème brulée.




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