Toms Town Distilling Co. Rebranding

Tom’s Town Distilling Co. has unveiled new custom art deco bottles and simplified brand names.

The new bottle harkens back to Prohibition-era Kansas City, the company says, when the town was controlled by political boss Tom Pendergast and was known as “Tom’s Town.” The bottle references art deco buildings like the Kansas City Power and Light building, and the Chrysler building in New York City.

Custom elements blown in the glass include the Tom’s Town monogram and its tagline, “The People Are Thirsty.” Tom’s Town collaborated on the art deco bottle and labels with Salt Lake City designer and typographer, Kevin Cantrell.


The updated labels feature simplified names for existing products that will create a “branded house” of Tom’s Town spirits:

  • Tom’s Town Botanical Gin is the new name for McElroy’s Corruption Gin
  • Tom’s Town Double Grain Vodka is the new name for Eli’s StrongArm Vodka
  • Tom’s Town Barreled Gin is the new name for The Machine No. 1: Barreled Gin
  • Tom’s Town Pendergast’s Royal Gold Bourbon remains the same

“We have a lot of equity in the name Tom’s Town and it’s memorable,” says David Epstein, co-founder, Tom’s Town Distilling Co. “We wanted to capitalize on that, and simplify the names of our spirits so that customers know exactly how to ask for them. At the same time, we wanted to create an art deco package that’s unique to the market, and we think we’ve got a home run with this gorgeous new bottle.”



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