Disaronno Wears Trussardi

The Italian liqueur Disaronno has announced its 2018 annual Disaronno Icon Project.

This year, the brand will dress its bottle in a limited-edition design by the Italian house Trussardi. The luxury fashion label and lifestyle brand, best known for its leather goods, will dress up the Disaronno bottle in time for holiday-season gifting.

The Disaronno wears Trussardi collaboration showcases the shared values of the brands, they say, together “encompassing a sense of tradition, innovation and Italian elegance.” The bottle is draped in a variation of the traditional leather texture of Trussardi, incorporating the recognized greyhound logo made up of the fuchsia, green and blue brushstrokes of the Disaronno logo.


The designer collaboration will also be available in six mini bottles, packaged in sets of three, each dressed in coordinating looks. Made for fans of the Icon Project, the Limited Edition Collection gift box will include both the Disaronno wears Trussardi bottle and assortment of the six mini bottles, packaged in sets of three. Consumers can also purchase the Celebrate in Style gift box with two champagne flutes joining the limited-edition bottle.

The limited edition 750-ml. bottle will retail for $24.99, while the mini sets of three are $9.99/per pack. The Celebrate in Style gift box will retail for $34.99.




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