Mezcales de Leyenda Limited Edition Cuixe Mezcal

Mezcales de Leyenda has announced the release of their new Limited Edition Cuixe Mezcal.

This expression is crafted using traditional mezcal production methods in Oaxaca. Cuixe is a sub-variety from the Karwinskii agave plant, and is known for growing more vertical and slender than typical agave plants indigenous to Mexico. Cuixe agave typically take 12-15 years to reach maturity, and harvesting only happens for three months out of the year.

The agave is roasted underground in a two-ton rock lined pit for six days. Using a large mallet and four people, the agave is crushed for an additional four days, before it’s fermented and double distilled to proof in open air oak vats.


Limited Edition Cuixe Mezcal has notes of honey and apple, the company says, with soft notes of pine and clove before a smoky finish with acidity.

The suggested retail price isĀ $109.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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