Fratelli Branca Will Launch its Own Imports Company

Fratelli Branca will launch its own import company in the U.S. in early 2019.

This new venture, Branca USA, will be based in New York City and will transition from current importing and marketing partner, Infinium Spirits. Its portfolio will include Fernet-Branca and Antica Formula, as well as future releases.

Branca USA expects current distribution partnerships across the U.S. to continue without disruption. The company has also announced a long-term distribution agreement with California-headquartered Young’s Market Company in the company’s 10-state footprint on the west coast.

Fratelli Branca and Infinium Spirits have enjoyed a 15-year partnership.

“Infinium Spirits has been an outstanding partner over the years,” says Patrick Piana, CEO, Fratelli Branca. “The growth of the Fratelli Branca portfolio in the United States is a credit to Infinium Spirits and their expertise in building brands and we join the Underwood Family in toasting the extended partnership with Young’s Market Company in the Western United States.”


“We have so much to look forward to in the coming years as we take the important step of opening the Branca USA operation,” Piana adds. “Here’s to celebrating that future success with all of our respected distributor and retail partners.”


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