TerraPura Reserva Chilean Wines

Matetic Wine Group, a family-owned winery known for organic and biodynamic farming as well as cool-climate Chilean syrah, has unveiled a newly redesigned brand of varietal wines from Chile.

These TerraPura wines have been given an extensive makeover from the wines first sold under that label. In 2016, Matetic bought the TerraPura winery in the Colchauga Valley, which they have enlarged over the past two years to increase production capabilities.

In early 2019, six varietals will be available in the U.S., all in the 2018 vintage and carrying a Reserva designation on the label: TerraPura Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot, all from Curico Valley; TerraPura Reserva Pinot Noir from Itata Valley, and TerraPura Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon, both from Colchauga Valley.


Aromas and flavor characteristics of the grapes from these regions are prominent in the wines, the company says. Fresh citrus and bright fruits in the Sauvignon Blanc, and pineapple, mandarin orange and honey in the Chardonnay, place them in Curico Valley, as does the cherry and blueberry nose and palate of the Merlot. Black cherry and fresh mushroom are in the Pinot Noir from Itata, while strawberries and blueberries, with a hint of black pepper, pop out of this Curico Valley Carmenere. Finally, the blueberries, plums and other red fruits in the Cabernet Sauvignon makes it an example of the varietal from Colchauga Valley.

The name TerraPura is “pure earth” in Spanish. The importance of maintaining the ecosystem in which “humans, plants and animals coexist” is reflected in the “colorful, playful triangular-shaped illustration on a white background, filled with symbols of balance, harmony and positive energy among the flora and the fauna, gently tended by farmers,” the company says. It is a departure from previous TerraPura labels and “more fanciful” than most Chilean wine labels on the market today.


The TerraPura Reserva Chilean wines will have a suggested retail price of $11.99 per 750-ml. each. For more information, contact Quintessential.


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