Trois Rivières Rhum Agricole

Trois Rivières, a centuries-old rhum agricole from the Caribbean isle of Martinique, is now available in the U.S.

The rhum is being launched and rolled out nationally in the U.S. by BCI, the Houston-based importer and brand builder of wine and spirits.

Martinique’s oldest plantation, founded in 1660, Trois Rivières today produces a wide variety of aged and unaged rhum agricoles previously unavailable to American consumers. These include Trois Rivières Blanc, Trois Rivières Ambré, Trois Rivières Cuvée du Moulin, Trois Rivières VSOP Réserve Spéciale, and its flagship Trois Rivières Cuvèe de L’Ocèan, a blanc agricole made from cane grown in shallow sea water.


Unlike more common industrial rums produced from sugar byproducts, Trois Rivières rhums are made using freshly pressed juice from its estate-grown sugar cane, and without the addition of molasses or supplemental flavoring agents. Produced in a single, 22-level copper column still, all of Trois Rivières’ aged rhums spend a minimum of three years in oak casks.

Trois Rivières rhums will be available beginning this winter in select U.S. markets for an SRP of $32.99-$64.99.


“We’re incredibly honored to be able to offer the exquisite, award-winning rhum agricoles of Trois Rivières for the very first time in the United States,” says Jean-Francois Bonneté, CEO of BCI. “We’re living in an exciting time in American spirits and cocktail culture where consumers are demanding better quality, more interesting flavors, and more respect for fine craftsmanship than ever before. The rhum agricole category, and Trois Rivières in particular, deliver on each of these promises in a way that will force consumers to reconsider how they perceive rum.”


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