2019 BARC Presentations

Thanks for attending the third annual Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in Louisville. Below are copies of the presentations given at this year’s event. For more information about these sessions or the speakers, please contact editor Jeremy Nedelka at jnedelka@epgmediallc.com.

Tuesday, June 11

Gathering and Utilizing Data: Beverage Information Group (Marina Velez)

Gathering and Utilizing Data: 3×3 Insights (Mike Provance)

Languedoc Master Class: Robert Cavanaugh

Top Wine Misconceptions Explained: Marnie Old

Wednesday, June 12

Competing Against Big Box Retailers: Tom Shay

Strategic Store Succession: David Spader

Overcoming Retail Challenges: Laura Overstreet

The Spirits Flavor Wheel: Chef Ouita Michel

Closing Keynote “Coaching the Workforce of the Future”: David Spader