Bloomers Frosé & More

Bloomers Frosé & More will expand across the nation after its first year of being sold in restaurants, Total Wine & More, ABC Wine & Spirits, and Crown Wine & Spirits in Florida.

The ready-to-use, frosty frosé mixer has inked a deal with Republic National Distributing Company. The brand will begin its multi-state launch in Georgia, as well as release its new low-calorie, low-carb version to consumers.

Bloomers Frosé & More is designed as a mixer for wine that you can easily enjoy at home. Just add wine or other spirits of your choice and blend with ice to enjoy. Or skip the alcohol and garnish the icy blend with fresh fruit for an all-ages treat.


“We’re thrilled consumers have embraced our delicious gluten-free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO mixer,” says Stacie Weisman, co-founder. She expects the new low-calorie, low-carb version will resonate with health-conscious fans.

The suggested retail price is $14.99 per 1-L. bottle.


The company has a philanthropic outreach. This fall the company donated $3 from every case sold to support the work of selected charities addressing suicide prevention, mental health and breast cancer awareness.


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