MGP Continues Adding House Brands with New Bourbon

MGP Ingredients, the massive Indiana-based distillery commonly known for providing sourced spirits, continues to expand its house brands with the launch of a new bourbon.

The company in the last few years has launched a series of new house brands in whiskey and vodka, which are now gaining distribution across the country.

Their newest offering, Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey, is a blend of bourbons and whiskies. Eight & Sand refers to the eighth (and fastest) notch on a locomotive’s throttle and the sand used on the wheels to prevent slipping. To wish a train crew an “Eight & Sand” is akin to “smooth sailing,” the company says.


“We’re proud to position Eight & Sand as an engine of innovation in our portfolio,” says Andrew Mansinne, VP of brands, MGP Ingredients. “We’ve designed Eight & Sand as an approachable blend of bourbons and whiskies designed to appeal to consumers looking for great value, great quality and smooth taste.”

The nose and palate deliver spicy rye and cinnamon notes, the company says, followed by a touch of caramel at the caboose. Offered at a SRP of $29.99 (per 750-ml), Eight & Sand is priced to appeal to consumers at every stage of their whiskey journey, the company says. Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey is also dedicated to supporting American Railroad Museums and historic preservation.


Eight & Sand will be available in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin.



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