Odell Brewing Mountain Standard IPA

Odell Brewing has added a new brand to their year-round line up: Mountain Standard IPA.

At 6.5%, this “Mountain Style” IPA is brewed with American hop varieties like Cashmere, Sabro, and Strata, which bring tropical hop aromas of pineapple, orange, and mango.

To accentuate juicy hop aromas without using adjuncts or fruit, Mountain Standard IPA is triple dry-hopped. The result is an IPA with bright hop flavors, low bitterness and a slight haze, the company says.

“There are West Coast IPAs and New England IPAs, but this is our take on the Mountain Style IPA,” explains C.O.O., Brendan McGivney. “American IPA’s will always be a category of innovation, and we’re finally ready to share our take on the future of this style in the Rockies.”

Some Odell fans may recognize the Mountain Standard name, as it previously belonged to a seasonal Black IPA available October through December. “We made the decision to retire the Black IPA at the end of last year. As the initial pilot batches of our new Mountain Style IPA started to take shape, we realized it’d be a mistake to call it anything other than Mountain Standard.” explains Alex Kayne, director of marketing. “When you look back at the hop-forward beers we’ve released over the last few years, there’s consistency in those brands. Mountain Standard is the result of those experiments.”


Mountain Standard IPA will be priced inline with core brands and available on draft and in 6-pack cans. The beer is available now across Odell’s 19 state footprint.


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